Sunday, 21 June 2009


Well, I've just cleaned my house -- with petrol....or some kind of petrol-based derivative (is that redunant?) For almost two years now, I've resisted, I held out. I did, I tried. I rose above the abashed looks of locals trying to politely ignore the dust tracks through the living room. Honestly. But the done thing, the only thing used on floors here is lampazo -- which is just short of canned lightning and probably only half as dangerous. The stuff is irresistibly effective and has the extra kick of keeping the feminine population slightly says "inflammable" but understandably no one suggested making a fire this evening, though it is the first day of winter here. But, man, are my floors the business. (Is it 1954?) It's late, I'm knackered, so this is going to be the briefest of bulletins.

Re the dog: lots of people asking about the deug.... no my deug dez net bayt, becuz zat is not mai deug. But the 2-monikered "Pirata", alias "Buffy", pronounced "Bouffy" here (in good Clousseau fashion!), waits every morning for his mistress to come round the corner. He's old, ancient, in fact, and more than a little blind -- he kept running into the garden furniture until we all agreed not to move anything -- but sits every morning in anticipation of his owner's arrival. So I took the photo.

I'll be back.

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