Friday, 19 June 2009

Ahhhhhh...... that's better

Yes! It's arrived! Hot water, on tap! And far from being a let down after all the waiting, it's spectacular. How the daily things can become some prized if you don't have them. So now the house is taking on a wholly different atmosphere. I'm cutting a swathe through the dust bunnies that have accumulated as I went on strike these weeks: I wasn't going to fire up a quematutti to clean and then have to do the whole exercise again to have a shower afterwards. My dream last night of the entire living room floor being covered with clouds and clouds of dust -- kind of like looking out of an airplane flying over the weather -- shows just how far things have gone down the dusty road here.

And I've enjoyed glorious freedom these past two days as I am no longer tied to the house waiting for workers. So, slowly the threads of past projects are being picked up -- the weaving, especially -- and I've got some ideas cooking in my feverish brain. Or it might just be that my showers are too hot lately...yippee!

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