Sunday, 22 March 2009

Valle Grande - April's Adventure

Saturday afternoon we went out to Valle Grande to see the house that's been offered as a house sit, so here it is....

It's about an hour out of town by car, though I'm a bike rider wherever and whenever possible and don't own a car. The bus goes three times a day and that seems plenty

There are trees at the back of the house, thank goodness, because there are almost none at the front, and that looming figure to the right of the photo is, indeed, rock face. But the best part has to be the view when you step outdoors.

The fence is at the top of a sheer drop down to a lake and around to the right, outside of this photo, is a huge, no, HUGE dam, which scares the begeebers out of me, but I'll just have to try to ignore it.

It's very much big country. Arizona-like, arid, tough land. Condors. Quiet. There are neighbours, but the tourist season will be over at Easter, so less hubbub every day as the madding crowd goes elsewhere.

The loom, the laptop, a current essay I've been turning over in my mind on some poems by Borges are coming with me. And I'm responsible for watering the grounds -- apparently a daily task of 5 hours, mainly opening and closing valves every so often before it gets too hot in the day or late in the evening. That seems like enough for one month.

Bats swooped down on us in the evening when it got so dark we could hardly see each other. Saturday was moonless, but with a moon, it should be even more spectacular.

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