Sunday, 22 March 2009

State of Grace

For a certain, writer-rescuing Grace

A Vision: 15

In heaven a wheel of fire circled,
round each soul gold spun aflame
adding a lick, a glance, a sparkle,
to the pyre’s common (re)claim.

Souls were flung far, souls returned,
each dying a birth renamed
adding, a little aghast, a startle
to the choir’s holy remain.

I heard as endless twisting resounded,
while flame-kissed flame voice regained
adding aloud a gasp, a chuckle
to the wire’s golden complain.

Into the braid I would have re-entered,
through my birth one death retained
adding at least this gilded shuttle
to the fire’s purer acclaim.

Yet no beginning, no end I encountered
as flame touched soul then flamed again
adding a link, each gleam with subtle
tone denial helped enchain.

So unstill my ardent soul has waited
for simple spark to burst into flame,
taken at last, agape and unsettled
into the higher Gold’s exclaim!

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