Thursday, 12 March 2009

Now we're over here....

OK, folks, sorry and thanks for being patient.... I'm hoping this will be better (easier!) as every time I checked the WordPress blog, the page didn't show up correctly. That is, when it finally showed.

So, here is my original entry:

Well, last time I was in Florida my Dad told me that I needed a blog. He's probably right. So here goes.

I'm new to this, so hang on to your hair as we career around the learning curve.

But first, for the clamouring punters, a look at what beyond the back of beyond looks like....if I can figure out how to upload a picture.


Hmmm, I couldn't get the caption to show. So, for those of you not satisfied with a mere picture, I'm in San Rafael, Argentina, see the Whereabouts column. The photo was taken on a bike ride to the 25 de Mayo, a village nearby of more which later on. Perhaps.

Okay. Now I've got to figure out why everything is taking ages, or I'll have to give up my day-job. But, yes, I can see the thrill in having a soapbox to stand on: ah, the power. Next time I'll try to post something a bit more interesting. Cheerio! Rosvita


  1. the back of beyond is very beautiful....

  2. Where there is water, or where there are trees,you're right, it is stunning. The desert just beyond is harsh, though, and San Rafael is an recently-established (200 years?) oasis. Therefore, the current mode of construction which seems to dictate that you have to raze every tree, no matter how old, tall or beautiful, in order to put up a house seems ludicrous.