Thursday, 12 March 2009

Bumpy Beginnings

Now this is as easy as it should be....

Now we're up and running! And whereas I did have things in mind to write about this morning -- good sign, that! -- the technical hitch has set me back a day. Today is a wares-selling day (about which, more later) so I've got to get going early. But if you would like to see my current weaving...

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  1. Someone, in an email, commented upon the weaving. It is actually the first half of a poncho inspired by one made for the Argentine 19th century soldier and writer, Lucio V. Mansilla. The black and white design up the middle is my own but inspired in Mapuche Indian designs. When this part is done, I'll repeat everything from the left of the b&w section and then sew them together.