Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Quematutti!

It is what it calls itself, in Span-Latin, a burn-it-all and my campfire badge is in the mail. Basically, a hot water heater perched on top of an open flame, the whole thing sat precariously close to not only the house, but also to the water pipes and internal electrics. As the yellow pipes are the new gas pipes that have been put in this week to connect to the mains, the whole kit-and-kaboodle has been pulled about two feet from the wall. The plumbers -- extraordinary by any stretch of the Argentine imagination for their punctuality, diligence and goodwill -- kindly rebuilt it so that there would at least be hot water until the gas is approved and turned on. There's no heat in the house as yet, except for the fire in the living room -- the quematutti only does hot water -- and the temperatures have dipped well into the single figures, so here's hoping the new gas gets approved tout de suite! And then all of it can go, leaving a big fix-up job on the wall. Meanwhile, chopping, chopping, chopping...

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