Friday, 3 April 2009

What a difference....a day makes

As the song goes. Yet, today, I woke up with the sensation of not quite being here yet. The morning crept slowly over the hills, dripping sun into the valley like honey on toast. There was a hummingbird in the tree just outside the window, picking at the small red berries and the “kerchew, kerchew” of another bird I still don’t know the name of. Otherwise, the stillness is immense but there’s been too much gadflying going on lately to really feel of an adequate size to it. Having one or two more days of move, carry, shove, paint, sweep, shift, lift to do, that’s fine. Time to settle down into busy-bee mode, and then later, perhaps by Sunday morning when everything has found a place, there will be that charge that comes from becoming conscious in a BIG place.

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